Lodestar International Tours

Welcome to the world of travel! We are happy to help you visit the most remote and inaccessible corners of our planet and make your dreams come true.

For more than three decades, the Lodestar International Tours has been creating exciting tours to different countries of the world. We have developed good connections and relationships with many local tour organizers and guides. And we use our many years of experience to develop tours to popular destinations and completely unique itineraries that were never considered as tourist destinations. For example, no one has ever done a large-scale tour of the Congo Democratic Republic before us. Moreover, none of the explorers or travelers since Livingstone and Stanley have crossed this vast country. And in other countries, either in Africa or in other continents, we continue to create and provide many unique tours.

We also take part in expeditions in both polar regions and in tropical waters. A rare expedition is to Bouvet, the world's most remote and inaccessible island. Such an expedition can only be organized once a decade. Tours to the Wake and Midway Islands, as well as expeditions to the remote islands of the Indian Ocean, are very rare and difficult to organize. At the same time, expeditions to such remote corners of the planet as Tristan, Ascension, Pitcairn and Peter I islands have become quite regular, and islands such as Easter and St. Helena are turning into places of mass tourism thanks to the opening of air communication with them. All these exotic islands are included in our itineraries.

Tours to the North and South Poles occupy a special place among travels. Not so long ago, only a few specially trained polar explorers could get to these remote iconic places. But now it is available to travelers as well. There are special flights to the South Pole from two seasonal bases in West Antarctica and Queen Maud Land. Also now it is possible to reach the North Pole either by a nuclear icebreaker or by helicopter from the Barneo seasonal drifting base and we help travelers to visit both poles in the appropriate seasons: in December or January - the South Pole, in April - the North Pole by air, in June or July - the North Pole on the icebreaker.

While working on itineraries, we take into consideration the wishes of travelers and take into account the lists of countries and regions of all three popular travel clubs: Nomadmania (NM), Most Traveled People (MTP) and Travelers' Century Club (TCC). Each itinerary shows the number of points according to the classification of each of the three clubs. UNESCO World Heritage Sites are also important travel magnets and we strive to include as many of them as possible in our tours.

Lodestar International Tours was founded in March 1991 and is located at 7211 16th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11204, USA. Company's email address is: travel@lodestarny,com.

Thank you for traveling with us. Enjoy your travels!