Ross Sea

Day 1              Embarkation in Bluff, New Zealand.

Day 2              At sea.

Day 3              Campbell Island, UNESCO world heritage site.

Day 4              At sea.

Day 5              Macquarie Island, UNESCO world heritage site.

Days 6-8          At sea.

Day 9              Balleny Islands.

Day 10             At sea.

Day 11             Cape Adare.

Day 12             Cape Hallett, Adelie penguin rookery.    

Day 13             Inexpressible Island.

Days 14-16        West side of Ross Sea: Ross Island, view of mounts Erebus, Terror and Byrd, Cape Royds, Ernest Shackleton's cabin, Cape Evans, the cabin of Robert Falcon Scott, Hut Point, McMurdo Station, Castle Rock, ice shelf, Dry Valleys.

Days 17-18         East side of Ross Sea: Bay of Whales close to Roosevelt Island, Roald Amundsen's starting point to the South Pole, massive ice shelf.

Days 19-25        Amundsen Sea.        

Day 26              Peter I Island.

Days 27-28        Bellingshausen Sea.

Day 29              Antarctic Peninsula at the Antarctic Circle, Pendleton Strait, Renaud Island.  

Days 30-32        Crossing Drake Passage.

Day 33              Disembarkation in Ushuaia, Argentina.

Pre/Post cruise transfers
All on-board ship accommodation on m/v Ortelius, meals, all expedition shore excursions and helicopter flights

4 NM points:  New Zealand South, East Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula, Tierra del Fuego
10 MTP points: South Island of New Zealand, Campbell Islands, Macquarie Island, Balleny Islands, Ross Dependency, Peter I Island, claims of Great Britain, Chile and Argentina on and around Antarctic Peninsula, Tierra del Fuego
8 TCC points:  New Zealand, claims of Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Great Britain, Chile and Argentina in Antarctica, Argentina
UNESCO:  2 world heritage sites

Date: February 17, 2023              Price: $35,800 in the Twin Porthole cabin
Single travelers who require sole occupancy of cabins are charged 1.7 the published fare.