Day 1              Arrival in Bosaso. In Bosaso: Central Mosque, marketplace and port. 2 nights in Bosaso, Gaceyte Beach Resort or a similar hotel. Overnight speedboat ride to Cape Guardafui. Departure from Bosaso at midnight.

Day 2              Arrival to the bay at Cape Guardafui and the uphill hike to the cape with a flashlight. Meeting sunrise and breakfast on the very tip of the Horn of Africa at the landmark lighthouse. Downhill hike to the boat after the exploration of the cape. Return to Bosaso by noon.

Day 3              Drive to Garowe with stops in Dhahar and Qardho. Martisoor or a similar hotel in Garowe.

Day 4              Drive to Galkayo with a stop in Burtinle. Taar or a similar hotel in Galkayo.

Day 5              Flight to Kismayo with connection in Mogadishu by Jubba Airways. In Kismayo and surroundings: city center, port, Aargada Mosque and Goobweyn. Mecca or a similar hotel in Kismayo.

Day 6              Flight to Mogadishu. In Mogadishu: Mosque of Islamic Solidarity, Black Hawk Down Crash Site and Museum, Bakaara Market, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Shamo or a similar hotel in Mogadishu.

Day 7              Mogadishu: National Museum of Somalia, Italian Lighthouse, Almnara Tower, Mogadishu Mall, ruins of the Catholic Church. Return flight.  

4 NM points:  Puntland, Eastern Somaliland, Coastal and Northern Somalia, Central and Southern Somalia
3 MTP points:  Puntland, Somaliland and Somalia Mainland
2 TCC points:  Somalia and Somaliland

Date:  September 22, 2022         Price: $7,500, single supplement $750