Queen Maud Land

Arrival Day                      Cape Town, South Africa.

Pre-departure Day          Flight briefing.

Antarctica Day                 Flight to Antarctica by the Gulfstream 550 jet. Arrival in Wolf's Fang blue ice runway at the massive monoliths of rock rising vertically from the glacier. Guided trek to the foot and the summit of Nunatak Mountain. View of the ice field and surrounding rocks and peaks. Picnic lunch at the mountain. Fat bike rides at the runaway. Return flight to Cape Town the same day.  

Flexible Departure Day   Return flight home or post-expedition programs in Cape Town.

Airport transfers in Cape Town for the flight to Antarctica
Round trip flight to Antarctica from Cape Town
Meals in Antarctica
Antarctic guides
Checked luggage up to 22 lb (10 kg)

2 NM points: East Antarctica and Western Cape
2 MTP points: Queen Maud Land and Western Cape
2 TCC points: Norwegian Claim in Antarctica and South Africa
Date:  December 8, 2023              Price:  $15,500